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View of Ocean

by Heeyoung Cho


My clients, Harry and Melanie, live a prosperous and productive life. Their lifestyle reminds me of the ocean waves. Both of them have acquired success from diligent work and are always looking for the next opportunity, always moving. Unlike stagnant water, which breeds disease-transmitting mosquitos, the constant motion of water in the ocean allows for the success of life in the aquatic ecosystem. The luxury of wealth allows one to feel freedom from the pressures of society and the economy. Much like the vast open environment of free-flowing water, the ocean has no restrictions and all directions are open. The waves of the oceans never give in and are always in fight-mode to make the biggest waves just like Harry and Melanie’s success from dedication. With success comes luxury, what is more, luxurious than living in a penthouse with a beach and sunset view? The painting gives the analogy of a beach with the gold representing the reflection of the sun. Not to mention, gold is symbolism for wealth, luxury, and success. In contrast, the concept board represents the struggle it takes to survive in such an industry. The crashing waves and stone illustrate the obstacles we face in the strive for success while only the strongest survive.

The interior of Harry’sand Melanie’s penthouse will use a material such as glass because they have a similar aesthetic as the ocean waters. Glass is made from molten sand and sand are always integrated. Also, the glass allows for more deception of open space which fit their preference of airiness. Speaking of preference, the interior will have a colour palette of that from the blues of the ocean with a hint of gold for contrast. The colour blue symbolizes lightness, another trait preferred by the clients. Besides, the penthouse will incorporate organic forms that imitate motion, making the user experience dynamic and lively.

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