by Heeyoung Cho


I decided to choose the main entrance of OCAD university because it is a space where most people pass by. Since it is the first appearance to the interior of OCAD, the first impression is very important because it determines the outlook of everything else inside the building. For example, during an interview, if the interviewee has a good first impression, then everything else onwards is looked positively by the interviewer. In the same case, if the first impression of entering OCAD is a good one, the experience onwards should be positive for the attendee. 

The colour of purple symbolizes encouragement of imagination and creativity, creating feelings of spirituality, and, calming the mind and nerves. These attributes are what I think are important for design students to succeed and graduate. As they shortly pass by the lit environment, they will be inspired and refuelled caused by the psychology that purple gives. 

The lighting of the cracks represents “think out outside of the box,” symbolizing creativity. Secondly, the light projecting out of e cracks represents, the shining of the OCAD’s students designs for the nearing future. Warm light symbolizes a change in nature, therefore, representing how the student’s designs will change the world and make it a warmer place. Not to mention, the overall aesthetic of the cracks and glowing purple entrance makes it attractive and interesting for the students but also tourists passing by.

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